Another step forward on the European eSAF market: P2X-Europe and Nordic Electrofuel reach next milestone in collaboration for production of sustainable fuels in Scandinavia

Nordic Electrofuel and P2X-Europe, have today signed a term sheet for long term supply of synthetic fuels, in particular targeting synthetic aviation fuel (eSAF).

Nordic Electrofuel will produce synthetic crude in Norway, which P2X-Europe will take delivery of and upgrade to eSAF and other synthetic products.

Initial production and supply volume is set at around 8,000 tonnes per annum with specific plans for a further scale-up of production thereafter.

RefuelEu Aviation requires initial blending quota of renewable fuels as of 2025 and a specific quota for eSAF from 2030: this legal framework is a clear call for action – for the aviation as well as for future PtL producers and fuel suppliers.

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