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Got the EU jackpot – chasing NOK 2.3 billion

One of Norway’s leading financial newspapers, Finansavisen, published a great article on Nordic Electrofuel on 2. April 2024.

The article focused on the financing of our “E-fuel Pilot” project, which is estimated to have a financing need of 200 million euro (~ NOK 2.3 billion).

Please find the English translation of the article below here.

Nordic Electrofuel joins forces with Societe Generale for fundraising to realize e-SAF facility

The aviation industry’s transition to sustainable fuels is gaining momentum, and one trailblazing project at the forefront is Nordic Electrofuel’s e-SAF plant in Norway. With commissioning scheduled for 2026, this pilot facility will produce synthetic sustainable aviation fuels (e-fuels) using power-to-liquid technology, significantly reducing aviation’s CO2 footprint. What makes this project unique is the collaborative equity financing behind it. Advised by Societe Generale, Nordic Electrofuel aims to raise capital not only from financial investors but also from aviation companies, including airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and airports. This collaborative approach is essential for scaling e-fuel technologies and moving from lab experiments to commercial production. With aviation responsible for a significant share of global CO2 emissions, such cooperative efforts are crucial in achieving net-zero air travel. The EU Innovation Fund has also granted 40 million euros to support this groundbreaking initiative. Additionally, Nordic Electrofuel has recently reached a milestone by signing a term sheet with P2X Europe, a joint venture of Mabanaft and H&R Group, formalizing their cooperation in the production and commercialization of synthetic fuels, with a focus on electricity-generated sustainable aviation fuel (e-SAF). Read the article from Societe Generale below.

Nordic Electrofuel Signs EUR 40 million Grant from EU to Build e-SAF Plant in Norway

Nordic Electrofuel Awarded EUR 40 million Grant from EU to Build e-SAF Plant in Norway

Another step forward on the European eSAF market:
P2X-Europe and Nordic Electrofuel reach next milestone in collaboration for production of sustainable fuels in Scandinavia

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Nordic Electrofuel will utilize renewable electricity, hydrogen, and COto produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). We aim to provide a scalable and viable solution for decarbonizing aviation.