We have been highly attractive as candidate for speaking on conferences. We see that participating and holding lectures at conferences adds to our network of partners and potential investors.

We will speak at these conferences:

29 – 30 May 2024

2nd Annual Advanced Biofuels Forum in Amsterdam.
Get a thorough understanding from sustainable and eco-friendly biofuels : ethanol maximization through algae. Discover the German market for waste-based and advanced biofuels. Discuss on the benefits of 2G biorefineries’ performance. Explore the role of advanced biofuels in transport defossilization. Understand how biofuels can add to the mix of renewables in industrial-scale production plants. Understand the challenges in continuous hydroprocessing of biocrudes from organic wastes.
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18 – 19 June 2024

Sustainable Aviation Fuels Summit in Brussel.
The conference will focus on the airline industry’s commitment to net zero and government mandates, opportunities and challenges for SAF, SAF supply and demand issues, Producing SAF sustainably plus much, much more.

Agenda SAF 2024 – Sustainable Aviation Fuels Summit (

8 – 9 October 2024

E-Fuel World Summit is a unique annual opportunity for all members of the eFuels community, representatives from various industries and applications “automotive, aviation, maritime, off-Road motorcycle, electric utilities, gas Industry, energy Intensive branches…”, governments and trade unions, financial institutions, journalists to meet together and discuss the future of these promising chemical energy sources, to build partnerships, to establish and to grow business relationships.
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We have been on these conferences:

22 – 23 January 2024

3rd annual CCUS and Carbon Sinks conference in Amsterdam.
3rd Annual CCUS 2023 provides an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the industry. It prepares a unified and practical strategy for developing and implementing CCUS techniques in the energy sector. Furthermore, it will discuss the perspectives on the status of the CCUS development and its potential. It welcomes key market players to join the discussion and peer-to-peer networking with an exclusive group of experts to share their thoughts on the current CCUS status and its development potential in the near future.
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20 November 2023

Global Aviation Sustainability Day in Dublin.

This conference arranged by Aircraft Leasing Ireland’s (ALI) will bring together senior leaders and expert voices from across the aviation industry including lessors, airlines, regulators, fuel producers, manufacturers, and financiers. This year’s theme is Action and Collaboration. Action, as we outline the collective progress that has been achieved since our last meeting in 2022 and our plans for the coming year. Collaboration in how we can achieve our collective climate goals. Together, we can propel the aviation industry to achieve Net Zero.
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13 – 14 November 2023

International Energy Forum coneference in Oslo.
The forum is organised by Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) in cooperation with five key industry associations, Norway’s largest trade union, and is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
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8 – 9 November 2023

European E-Fuels Conference in Dusseldorf.
This conference brought together key industry stakeholders from the renewables, fuels, energy and oil & gas industry, including car manufacturers, e-fuel producers, technology providers, consultants and policy advisors. The goal was to present technical aspects of the e-fuel market as well as the latest challenges and opportunities in this sector.
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25 – 26 October 2023

The European Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit will take place in Hamburg.
This event focused on new CO2 utilisation developments and technologies in the oil and gas, chemicals, energy, mineralisation, and E-Fuels industries, as well as other-end markets. The conference also highlighted international legislation; updates and requirements of the industry, as well as an overview of the market since the 2015 Paris agreement.
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7 September 2023

4th International Hydrogen Aviation Conference in Edinburgh.
HAC 2023 will focus on the use of hydrogen in aviation, the associated benefits, and emerging challenges. The event is an opportunity to connect with experts in the industry and an open invitation to all stakeholders to participate in the next wave of hydrogen in aviation.
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30 – 31 August 2023

Scotland Norway Decarbonisation conference in Oslo.
Arranged by Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) together with NECCUS. NECCUS works to shape Scotland’s decarbonisation agenda, progressing a range of decarbonisation solutions — including carbon capture utilisation and storage, fuel switching and hydrogen, and direct air carbon capture — to help the Scotland and the UK achieve climate targets.
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14 – 18 August 2023

Arendalsuka is the largest political gathering in Norway held annually since 2012. The event’s mission is clear: strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through open debate and involvement. Arendalsuka is the result of co-creation between national and local political parties, NGO’s, universities, research institutions, private companies and the Municipality of Arendal. On August 18th 2023, Nordic Electrofuel participated in a panel discussion organised by Polyteknisk Forening and CCUS Norge regarding “What makes carbon capture a success for business development and value creation? The link below shows a video of the panel discussion (in Norwegian only).
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20 – 21 June 2023

Nordic Electrofuel will speak at the H2 Mobility & e-Fuels Forum on 20-21 June in Berlin, Germany.
The conference will focus on the role of e-fuels in the transportation sector.
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7 – 9 June 2023

Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress was developed to drive, establish and promote a pathway to decarbonising the aviation industry. Over two days, 92 expert speakers shared strategies, solutions, insights, aspirations and plans to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner and greener aviation industry.
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16 – 17 May 2023

Nordic Electrofuel will speak at the CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2023 on 16-17 May 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
This year the conference is focusing on utilisation of captured CO2 and its use for production of building materials like cement, concrete, steel,
but also production of advanced fuels that will contribute to further decarbonization of other sectors.
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9 – 11 May 2023

Nordic Electrofuel will speak at the Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress, taking place virtually on the 9-11 May 2023.
The conference will be exploring the developments of Hydrogen fuel production and showcasing the latest innovations and opportunities in synthetic fuel.
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8 – 11 Mai 2023

The event will bring together industry players, scientific community, chemical and mobility industries representatives, power companies, technology owners, process developers, business analytics, government officials and regulators, service providers, transportation companies…
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27 – 28 April 2023

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the Biofuels Conference in Barcelona, Spain.
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19 – 20 April 2023

The nova “Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals” is one of the most established worldwide and has developed into a unique meeting and networking place for the entire Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) and Power-to-X industry and its customers. The upcoming 10th edition of this conference again will continue with this success and will showcase again the newest and most important developments in the fast growing field of CO2 capture and utilisation…
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13 April 2023

To discuss (SAF) both industrial opportunities and the green transformation of aviation.
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15 – 16 February 2023

The annual World Future Fuel Summit is the leading global industry event and exhibition for future fuel, clean energy, environment and sustainability. Bringing together global business leaders, future leader (students), government, specialist exhibitors from globally, it showcases state-to-art technologies in clean future energy for globally.
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6 – 7 February 2023

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the E-Fuels Conference & Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain on the 6th – 7th February 2023.
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6 – 7 December 2022

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the E-Fuel World Summit Conference scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium on the 6th – 7th December 2022.
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30 November – 1 December 2022

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the Advanced Biofuels Forum Conference scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 30th November 1st December 2022.
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28 – 30 November 2022

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the Positive Impact Week Conference arranged by Societe Generale scheduled to take place in Paris, France on the 28th November 2022.
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9 – 10 November 2022

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the European E-Fuels Conference which took  place in Hamburg, Germany on the 9 – 10th November 2022.
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5 – 6 October 2022

Just recently Nordic Electrofuel spoke at The European Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit in Dusseldorf 5th and 6th of October 2022 talking about E-fuels and presenting Nordic Electrofuel.
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26 September 2022

Nordic Electrofuel spoke at the 4th International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2022 on 26th of September 2022. The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. The conference had more than 2 500 attendees from high level of ministry and business in Japan and across Asia.
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27 – 28 June 2022

Nordic Electrofuel participated as a speaker at #ISEFmunich on 27th and 28th June. Important topics which were discussed was how we can utilize the Power to X solution and continue to develop an even more sus¬tain¬able eco¬nomy.
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21 June 2022

On the 21st of June Nordic Electrofuel was a keynote speaker at the Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress in Amsterdam. In a panel together with Frank Mischler, Policy and European Cooperation, PtX Hub Brussels (GIZ) and Matteo Micheli, Senior Expert Hydrogen and Synthetic Energy Carriers, German Energy Agency, Nordic Electrofuel elaborated more on the opportunities and actual meaning of synthetic aviation fuels.
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3 June 2022

On the 3rd of June CEO Nordic Electrofuel attended as a speaker in a panel discussion at the All Things Energy Forum 2022 to elaborate on the issue. The conference highlighted the recent concerns following the energy sector and discussed «Hydrogen and its New Role in Energy Security.»
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18 May 2022

On the 18th of May Nordic Electrofuel was keynote speaker at the conference CO2 Capture, Storage and Reuse 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a great pleasure to speak at the well-attended Fortes CO2 Capture, Storage and Reuse.

The conference covered well all aspects of the CCUS space with a special focus on E-fuel. The conference brought together top-level experts from the mobility industry, power companies, business analytics, storage companies, service providers, transportation companies and renewable energy consultancies.
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6 May 2022

Friday 6 May Nordic Electrofuel was a speaker and attended the High-level forum on the transitions of mobility during the Grand Prix de Pau in France. The theme for the conference was the “Fit for 55 Package” a particularly ambitious policy and legislative initiative aimed at driving the EU towards its 2050 climate neutrality ambitions.

Transport is the backbone of the European economy and society, but it is also a quarter of EU’s GHG emissions. A successful transition is paramount in order to not jeopardize the economy. With the adoption of a number of main policy and legislations well underway, we need to deliver climate neutral and competitive transport alternatives. The forum discussed new technologies, how to utilize raw material and feedstock, investments, infrastructure, public acceptance, and the policy framework.
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23 – 24 March 2022

We were speaking at Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals” in Cologne, Germany at 23 – 24 March 2022.
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