Research data & studies

The German Federal Government – BtL Roadmap – Sustainable aviation fuel from renewable energy sources for aviation in Germany-MAY 2021
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IEA – Net Zero by 2050 – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector-MAY-2021 – Read more!

Sustainable & Low-Carbon Liquid Fuels Platform – Joint statement – 17 May 2021 – Read more!

IASA – Why the Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels must be pushed forward more intensively-MAR-2021 – Read more!

Nordic Council of Ministers – Nordic Sustainable Aviation-DEC-2020 – Read more!

McKinsey – Clean skies for tomorrow-NOV-2020 – Read more!

Nova Institute – CO2-based Aviation Fuels the best option available-MAR-2020 – Read more!

Concave – Role of e-fuels in the European transport system – Literature review-JAN-2020 – Read more!

IASA – Sustainability & Circular Economy of CO2 Utilization-OCT-2019 – Read more!

Dena – The potential of electricity-based fuels for low-emission transport in the EU-NOV-2017 – Read more!